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promotional film


is not good

because it's beautiful, creative or funny;

it's only good

when it achieves what it is meant for:

to generate

sales and profits. 

If it's also beautiful, creative, and funny? Even better!

The devil, of course, is in the details, That's exactly why we do a precise analysis of your brand and target audience - before we create the concept, decide on a style or determine the setting. We're not just making this film for anyone: we're making it for YOU.


People in a Bar

Events are the highlights of the workplace.

Even better, they are your chance to show your corporate values and celebrate what sets your business apart. 

Make a clear statement and present your company in the best possible way. 
Make memories with us that last.

As the saying goes:

First impressions count - but last impressions are forever.


Group of Asian waiting for an interview

Gone are the days of ads placed in the newspaper to fill a staffing gap. Let's be honest - that approach simply doesn't work anymore. 
In order to attract suitable candidates for your company, you should use a pool of internal and external measures.
Above all, you should go where your potential employees are:
the internet.
We'll support you with finding your next employee of the year.

Our core strengths are
social recruiting,
social media
mobile recruiting. 

aerial photography

Let us change your perspective!

A view from above enables new angles from the sky that will leave your jaw on the floor, whether indoors or outdoors.
Thanks to drones, the costs for such spectacular recordings have fallen significantly in recent years. 

But beware!
Stay away from flight recordings without a flight license and rights clearance! This can (and will) entail hefty fines.


Luckily, we have valid flight licenses and clarify the rights to aerial photography in advance to avoid any potential hassle. 

With our help, rest assured you won't be flying by the seat of your pants!

pro domo

Films, ads and shows have been our lifeblood for over 25 years, and television is our daily business. In addition to productions for private broadcasters, we are primarily responsible for series formats in Central German Broadcasting. From initial concept to research, shooting to post-production, we do it all.


With us, you can be sure you'll be in good hands!

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