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BECHERT Film makes images that stay in your brain


We put your corporate values front and center.

Advertising – Image – Event –Service 

Let us:

Increase your brand awareness!

Create a new image!

Promote a product!


Find new employees!

B2B, B2C, companies, businesses & associations.

3D-Animation Rendering Seeigel

At first: a vision. Unique and breathtaking - but it's still just a vision, an IDEA.

Give form to the fantasy with us and convince your customers even in the early planning phases of your vision!
We'll help you bring the future into the virtual present.

We offer modern 3D rendering and 4K 3D animation.

Frau fotografiert mit einer Kamera

A picture's worth a thousand words…

Whether it's pictures for advertising, your website or brochures - whether portrait, landscape or architectural photography - 
we'll give you the powerful images you are looking for!

Increase your visibility!

Impress your customers!

Don't leave your success up to chance -
trust the work of


pictures that matter
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