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set photography

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Professional photos are a must-have for that strong push in your marketing. 

The goal and intent is entirely different to film recordings. If films are about a sequence of images that only unfold their full effect when they interact, the photographer has to focus on and capture that one perfect moment. This singular moment must contain everything the film will say in a few minutes in one single moment. This requires different ways of working, different timing and forces an entirely seperate approach.  

photo or film?

Companies often need both: strong films for websites, trade fair appearances or campaigns and professional photos for brochures and leaflets. For the sake of time and staying on-budget, it is advisable to combine both in a joint shot in the case of complex shoots.
Conflicts between the two trades are inevitable. The photographers hinder the film crew and vice versa. The schedule changes, things get hectic and end products suffer as a result. 

With us, both sides comes from one source. We know the special requirements of everyone involved and coordinate our work. This saves time, stress and nerves and guarantees the best results for all media.

Images from BECHERT Film


because photography takes more than just a click of a button.

Shooting for Zaneta fashion

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